PressPraise for “Faust” at Covent Gardens

Critics praise the Russian soprano’s performances as Marguerite at the Royal Opera House in London:

“Irina Lungu takes on the features of Marguerite with an expressive and committed face, and a gentle voice whose tone is particularly rich and dressed with an elegant, consistent vibrato… The piano nuances in the mediums are remarkable, comfortable and seem as if the sound is wrapped in velvet. ”
Mathieu Sariman, Olyrix

“With the Russian Irina Lungu, Fabiano had the privilege of being an adequate partner – a harmonious partnership that culminated in the love duet interrupted by Mephisto in Act 3. Lungu literally excelled in the jewel aria with a crystal clear, bright and flexible voice, which mastered the demanding coloratura of this piece of music with almost weightless ease. ”
Dr. Charles E. Ritterband, Klassik Begeistert

“Her Jewel Song was excellent and in the love duet with Faust she was also in excellent shape. The transition from a timid girl to a mad woman was also impressive. A very successful performance. ”
Peter Franken, Place de l’Opera

“However, by the second performance Lungu was well enough to sing her role, which she did with great poise and vocal prowess. She seemed to fit neatly into the role between the other two principals… .”
David Buchler, Opera Spy

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