PressFantastic reviews for “La bohème” in Monte-Carlo

4 February 2020by Timème-©2020-Alain-Hanel-OMC-19.jpg

“More expressive, the Russian soprano Irina Lungu – a splendid Anna Bolena at the Opéra Grand Avignon three years ago – interprets a fragile and delicate Mimì, with a charming instrument and gifted with beautiful high notes.”
Emmaniel Andrieu, Opera Online

“Fortunately there is Irina Lungu, a much experienced Mimì. She confirms her experience not only in her fine stage demeanor but also in her flexible and expressively accurate ligne du chant, also capable of spellbinding nuances and of that elegance that makes her a Mimì much more feminine than naively childlike in the first act and then, gradually, more intense in the rest of the opera, all the way to a finely interpreted as well as splendidly sung finale.“
Alessandro Mormile, Connessi all’Opera

“In the cast, Russian soprano Irina Lungu’s Mimì was the most memorable. She has a warm timbre and a natural and expressive voice, which runs well, without forcing. In her acting she perfectly embodied the simple, naive and sweet “grisette”.
Jacqueline Letzter et Robert Adelson, Classic Agenda

“This Mimì, sung in full voice by Irina Lungu colors the Puccini “bel canto” (…) A constant sound energy consolidates the vocal line (…) like a layer of snow as well as the parlato (lyricism of the word, word of the lyricism) typical of Puccini’s writing. The evanescence takes place with her last breath and at curtain call, when the artist carries on her shoulders the drama of the evening.“

Florence Lethurgez, Olyrix

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