PressIrina Lungu “triumphing at every turn” as Marguerite in Lisbon

23 May 2022by Tim


“Among the soloists, Russian soprano Irina Lungu and Spanish bass Rubén Amoretti stood out. The many facets of Lungu’s voice allowed her to take advantage of all the dynamic and expressive resources required by her role; Her “piano” singing had an extraordinary projection. ”

Antonio Esteireiro, Opera Actual


“Without overlooking, of course, the work of Irina Lungu, the unforgettable Iolanta from 2006 (with Piotr Beczala) and today a great singer anywhere in the world. Like Violetta from “La traviata”, Marguerite from “Faust” (1859) by Charles Gounod (1818-93) covers all the vocal typologies, from the lyric-leggero of the phases of innocence to the dramatic weight of the prison scene (in this case, in the hospital), Lungu triumphing at every turn; she is moreover, also a moving actress.”

Jorge Calado, Expresso


“But the audience that filled the São Carlos to the last box on Friday was anxiously awaiting Marguerite who appears briefly in the second act, but will only truly show her gifts in the third. And there, Irina Lungu was stupendous: first reading (in the way of a medieval song) and interrupting herself (restless and passionate), and little by little metamorphosing into the “jewels aria” that she sang splendidly, with the right doses of shyness and vanity. Suave without losing energy, rigorous without losing spontaneity.”

Pedro Boléo, Publico


“(…) The Russian soprano is a great Marguerite, with her opulent and creamy timbre, her homogeneous and easy vocal production, her touching and poetic phrasing.”

Emmanuel Andrieu, Opera Online


“Marguerite is sung by Russian soprano, Irina Lungu (…), who made the cover of Opera Now in 2019 (…). (…)

“Marguerite is constantly conflicted. Pious, yet tempted by jewels, she is intensely and frailly human, delivering a bravura performance. (…), she had a compelling voice and drew the audience with her dilemma.”

Gerald Malone, Reaction Life


“Soprano Irina Lungu was a Marguerite of superior quality, both in the scenic and vocal aspects, where she possesses a voice of remarkable quality, in tune and very well placed.”

Fanáticos da Ópera


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